pepin co

Website Hosting, Support and Maintenance

We work on your website long after it’s gone live, to protect your investment.

As an optional, ongoing service, our website designs are backed by secure web hosting, technical support and maintenance, these services critical to the performance of your website with users and within search engines. We offer everything from design updates to software backups, state of the art hosting services to competitive digital marketing, all in order to provide you with greater performing, more flexible, valuable and reliable website experience.
Our monthly maintenance plan includes:

● Web hosting
● Domain name registration
● Website licensing
● Technical representation on behalf of your business with the hosting company
● Regular software updates to optimise site performance and security
● Anti-virus and threat monitoring
● Website availability monitoring
● Monthly backups and website continuity


A strong, successful partnership is about customer care as much as it is about the end result.

We’re just as focused on service as we are on the product, ensuring you peace of mind as you remain fully focused on your business. We offer a caring, resourceful manner of work and we’re committed to creating fully functional, connected, and compelling websites. We want nothing more to see you succeed online and we have the experience and expertise to make it happen.