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At Pepin Co, we connect technology to small business.

How long does a website take to build?

For most small to medium sizes businesses, website development will take 2-4 weeks, with time set aside for the client to provide content, feedback and revisions.

What do you charge for a website?
The price really depends on the scale of the project and its requirements (each website is unique after all), but our starting price for website projects is $4000.00 ex GST.
Do I really need a website?
A website is not the most important thing about your business. But, most people looking for products or services will look online. So having an online presence gives you a greater chance of being ‘found’, versus word of mouth or other marketing methods.
My business is already really busy, why do we need a website?
A really good website will drive even more leads and sales. A website also represents your business, your services, and your history – and these are compelling ways to reach people and convince them to look further into your product or service.
Can you help us with website hosting?
Yes, we host our websites on servers based in Australia, which helps to improve the loading speed time for your customers/visitors.
Can you look after the website after it’s built?

Yes, just let us know what you need and we’ll help for as long as you need us on board. Feel free to check out our full list of website support solutions.

Can you help us with online marketing?

Yes, we look at your marketing goals and work together to come up with a few viable options, depending on your audience, product/service and budget.

What ongoing costs are involved with owning a website?
Ongoing website costs are:

● Monthly website hosting fee – This is where your website ‘lives’ – and you’ve got to pay the rent!
● Annual Domain name registration – You pay to own the name (and so no one else can steal it from you.)
● Annual software licencing – Software is required to run certain functions/features for the website.
● Annual SSL certificate – This one is for many reasons (that we will go into detail with you during a consultation), but the main procurement reason is to keep your website secure.

Our monthly maintenance plan covers all of these ongoings.

Is maintenance on a monthly or annual contract?
It’s a month to month service and if you need to cancel, we ask for 30 days courtesy notice before terminating.
Can you set us up with an email system with our domain name?
Absolutely. We can set it up and make it seamless to transition over any current contacts to the new email system.

Maintaining strong long-term relationships with our business customers is the key to their success.

Our industry experts know small business. We believe that your provider should be your trusted business partner; understanding your business needs and goals and putting you in the best position to execute your work. Our team takes care of it all, so there’s no chopping and changing between providers. With a thorough understanding of your business system requirements, we offer affordable, tailored solutions and dedicated service so you get the best performance possible from your IT investment.